Yes, it's an old song of theirs, but it's what I could find. I was threatened with bodily harm if I didn't mention the band in a blog that I haven't updated for 1/3 of a year. Wow...has it been that long.

But, I went to the latest show (for charity) at Tidballs last Friday, and there is something extraordinary about seeing a group of old friends, who you had no idea were capapble of such things playing so wonderfully. They are truly amazing. And, I wasn't the only one noticing. The only person in the band I didn't know before the other night was James the drummer, and I'm happy to say I know him now, if for no other reason than his trap set abilities.

Of course, I didn't end the night the most manliest of ways, going to the keyboardist's apartment and drunkenly singing Disney showtunes. But, I stand by my decision.

Alton Brown vs. Chuck Norris

Alton Brown is the affable host of "Good Eats" on Food Network and the MC of "Iron Chef America" and a huge dork. Watching his show is like watching virtually any other cooking show mixed with Mr. Wizard. That being said, I think he's a perfect candidate to take on Chuck

1. Chuck Norris once wanted to appear on a celebrity episode of "Iron Chef America". Alton refused, stating "Chuck Norris is a Tin best."

2. That loaves and fishes miracle thing? It was really just an episode of "Good Eats".

3. Alton Brown showed America how to make the perfect waffle. Out of Chuck Norris.

4. There was once an episode of "Good Eats" that explained the scientific and cooking properties of water. It won the Nobel Prize simply because Alton Brown is an awesome host.

5. Alton Brown once forced Chuck Norris to eat an episode of "Walker: Texas Ranger" the he had recorded on videotape. The only seasoning he was allowed? Kosher salt.

6. Atlanta is considering changing its name to "Browntown" simply because Alton lives in proximity.

7. There was once an episode of "Good Eats" that was so good, it brought about spontaneous orgasm in all who watched it, or made or served any of the food created in the episode. The best Chuck Norris can do is kick you in the face.

8. Those Shun knives that Alton Brown shills for? They've all been used on Chuck Norris at some point in time.

9. There is only one man that The Chairman on "Iron Chef America" will bow to in reality...and that man is Alton Brown.

10. The Waffler (one of Alton Brown's character on "Good Eats") is really Alton Brown in costume as he goes about town engaging in petty theft. In reality, he doesn't steal bad waffles...he steals souls.

Slinky Failure

Slinky Jr. had some major problems...first: It stank.
Honestly, when I pulled it out of the box, it reeked! I'm uncertain how this happened, but there was only one thing to do.
I went to Toys R Us, and discovered something horrible. Toys R Us here doesn't carry Slinkys. That make any sense to you? No, me either.

So, I threw a hail-Mary and went to Wal Mart, where I found a regular sized Slinky. I was back in business.

Until I got to work and discovered two things wrong with the whole setup. The stairs in my building are metal mesh, and way too far apart for a Slinky to even consider making it.

The Slinky challenge was at a stand still. Until I realized we could make our own stairs. So we did. I present to you: The Stairway to Nowhere.

The problem with the Stairway to Nowhere was that its steps were limited. But we managed to wring 5 minutes of fun out of it.


Irene Dunne Cary Grant

Instead of Work

Today, instead of actually working, which we haven't done for some time, I'm taking the Slinky I got for Christmas and slinking on down the stairs.

Some of you might ask why I wouldt take on this challenge. The truth is, its a Slinky Jr. that was in my stocking...Getting that little Slinky to go anywhere should be a challenge unto itself.

So, if you have a Slinky Jr. and wish to participate in the Slinky Challenge...please, feel free, but take pictures and get back to me. Pictures of my stab at it (and my coworkers) forthcoming.

It's Time For...

Animaniacs...and this short, entitled "Wakko's Gizmo" may just be my favorite. This clip shows just how ridiculous this show could be at times. Which is why I liked it in the first place.

In Case You Missed It...And Let's Face It...You Did.

This would be an MTV animated series from 2002 called Clone High. It was created by Scrubs showrunner Bill Lawrence, which would explain why so many Scrubs alum provide voice work. It was cancelled before it finished its first season, but is now awailable on DVD. That this how didn't get another season is a travesty to comedy justice.

If you've ever cringed at Dawson's Creek...If you've ever changed the channel to get away from 90210...if you cringe at The OC...This is the show for you. Find it, buy it download won't be disappointed.

The Butler: An Evil League of Evil Video Application

Unfortunately, of the rated video applications, TWG and myself are currently...well, we're the lowest.

We didn't have the time of the ability to come up with a song. If we'd had a little more time, who knows...

We are quite happy with the finished product, however.

Now, if you don't mind...I'm off to crash the stock market.

The Most Wonderfullest Time of the Year!

That's right, it's October, and those in the know...mostly exwives (You'll get your money when I get around to mailing it...Damn!) know that I try to watch at least one horror film a day for the entire month. More on some days, because some trilogies are better on the same day (Evil Dead).

This year, I've started with Scanners. So, sue me. I made a mistake and watched a science fiction film for my first horror. To be certain, there are horrific aspects of the movie, but, this is pure science fiction the way that any space opera is. But, Michael Ironside from damn near thirty years ago creeps me the fuck out!

Also, I'd forgotten just how bad an actor the guy who plays Cameron (Stephen Lack) was. I've seen less wooden portrayals from Pinnochio! He's got the look, though, and can't be discounted all that quickly.

A couple of scenes save this movie. Normally, I'd not suggest a movie based on two scenes, but the two in question here are totally worth it!

Tommorrow...Bram Stoker's Dracula. Yet another one I'd hardly call a horror film, but man, did Gary Oldman save that movie!

The Unmentioned (Various Whedon Spoilers!!! Be Warned!)

I was going to put a lovely picture of my favorite fictional preacher and possible ex assassin, Derrial Book (That ain't no Shepherd), but apparently my work computer's not up to the task. Very well, I'll continue anyways.

In the wake of Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog's success, and controversy over the death of a major character, there has been website after website calling Joss to task over his apparent need to kill the one's we love. Wash gets a mention, Fred gets a mention...heck, even Jenny Calendar gets a mention. There are two who get left out that have been bothering me quite a bit.

Why does no one seem to care that Shepherd Book was killed in Serenity? Even at the last screening I went to, people were loudly up in arms over Wash (again), but nary a single word for what was possibly the most intriguing character Joss has ever come up with. Frankly, I've been waiting for the Book comic series with much more anticipation than I did for Better Days, and I posed for the cover of one of those!

Also left from most people's lists is my personal favorite character in the Whedonverse (behind Kaylee...which is where most guys I know would want to be anyways) Wesley Wyndham Pryce. His death in Angel was the hardest for me to bear. Yes, people cry over Doyle, but...his death had been spoiled by TV Guide long before it happened, and the character was designed to leave anyways. Wesley simply IS the MOST dynamic character in Joss's love/hate universe. His journey from insufferable knowitall with Daddy issues to absolute badass is the reason that I stuck with Angel from start to finish.

Come on Whedon fans/ all the love evenly. These are two very rich characters, and they deserve your attention and your mention!